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Land Use & Community Development Department

The Chambersburg Land Use and Community Development includes the planning, zoning, community and economic development functions in the Borough as well as enforcement of the building, health, and property maintenance codes. The Land Use & Community Development Department helps to plan and design the Borough's form and character, support community values, preserve the environment, promote the wise use of resources and protect public health and safety through code enforcement.

Community planning involves: citizens, neighborhood groups, businesses, stakeholder, land developers, and contractors along with Borough staff, and appointed and elected officials. The Town Council are elected officials. The Town Council appoints citizens to serve on the Board of Health, Building Code Board of Appeals, Curb & Sidewalk Compliance Committee, Housing Commission, Parking, Traffic & Street Light Committee, Planning & Zoning Commission, and the Zoning Hearing Board. These groups help process various parts of the planning and community development process. Land Use and Community Development staff works with everyone to insure that the process is well executed. The Assistant Borough Solicitor is appointed to work with this department as well.

There are four (4) main areas of concentration in this department:

The Codes Office is responsible for enforcing the Property Maintenance Code, Rental Property Code, Brush, Grass, Weeds Code and PA Retail Food Facility Safety Act as well as the Uniform Construction Code, which is enforced by the Borough’s state-certified third party code enforcement agency, Pennsylvania Municipal Code Alliance (PMCA). PMCA personnel also enforce the Rental Property Code with administrative support from the Codes Office.

Community and Economic Development
The Community and Economic Development Office is responsible for the administration of Community Development Block Grants and HOME Investment Partnership Program grants. The office also provides outreach and technical assistance for a variety of downtown and borough-wide economic development projects.

Planning and Zoning
The Planning and Zoning Office coordinates review and approval of subdivision and land development plans to include fee collection, review and analysis, meeting facilitation, street addressing, document recordation, and public works security Administration. The office also processes Land Use Permit applications and Zoning Hearing Board Appeals and provides technical assistance regarding the Comprehensive Plan and other planning-related issues.

Residential Rental Inspection Enforcement Program
The Codes Office is responsible for enforcing the Property Maintenance Code and the Rental Property Code. PMCA personnel enforce the Rental Property Code with administrative support from the Codes Office.

Engineering Department

The Engineering Department reviews the design process and inspection of all public works and utility projects. Such projects include, but are not limited to storm sewers, streets, and sidewalks. In general, the Engineering Department provides support services to all Borough departments from preliminary layout to final completion, construction inspections services and guidance for proposed internal development. In conjunction with the Land Use and Community Development, the Engineering Department maintains a record of all assets within the public right of way.

Sidewalk and Curb Construction
The Engineering Department is responsible for managing the Curb and Sidewalk Installation Plan/Map. This includes issuance of all permits, inspection of all installations and management of installations when private property owners fail to comply with Town Council directives. Please click here to learn more about the Curb and Sidewalk Installation Plan/Map.

Storm Water Engineering
In an attempt to fully comply with the responsibilities under the Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) regulations, the Borough has engaged the assistance of engineering consultant Herbert, Rowland & Grubic, Inc. This includes the design of storm system projects and the review of development drainage plans on the Borough's behalf.

Street Improvement Projects
The Engineering Department will recommend street reconstruction projects, produce specifications, and monitor construction activities. Projects conducted with federal or state grants, managed as local projects, fall under the supervision of the Engineering Department.

Please contact Phil Wolgemuth, Deputy Borough Manager/Land Use and Community Development Director at 717-251-2436 with questions.