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Snow Removal Policy

The Snow Removal Policy is in effect.

Enforcement of Chapter 254, Article II of the Borough Code of Ordinances:

Snow and Ice Removal (from Sidewalks)

By ordinance, residents have 24 hours to clear their sidewalks after the end of a major snowstorm. Sidewalk inspections are currently being conducted 48 hours after the end of the snow storm.

*subject to change based on weather conditions

With the return of winter you can also count on the return of snow. Be aware that the Borough of Chambersburg has a local law that requires all residents to shovel the snow and ice from their sidewalks to allow pedestrians to safely get to their destinations. For the last three years, we have been enforcing this ordinance with a systematic check of all sidewalks throughout the Borough. Beginning this year, not only will we be checking, but the fine has increased for repeat offenses. Here's how it works: you have 24 hours, one day from the end of snow fall to clear your sidewalk adjacent to your property. Within 48 hours after the snow stops falling our inspectors will begin checking borough sidewalks. If an attempt has not been made to create a safe path on your sidewalk, we will send you a violation notice by regular mail. The person who is responsible for clearing the sidewalk is the owner of a property when the property is occupied by the owner or is unoccupied; or the tenant or occupier of the property is responsible where they are in control of or responsible for the property; and the owner is responsible where the property is a multiple-business or multiple-dwelling property, occupied by more than one tenant or occupier (i.e., the sidewalk in such case is a common area shared by tenants and the public but it is the responsibility of the owner to remove ice or snow). There is only one inspection per sidewalk and we will take digital photographs for our records. The fine for a first offense in a snow season is $50. Failure to clear your sidewalk a second or subsequent time will result in a $100 per occurrence. If you are unable to shovel your sidewalk due either to physical infirmity or because you are out of town, you must make arrangements to have your sidewalks cleared for you by contracting in some manner with friends, family, or anyone of your choosing. If you do not know anyone who can be of assistance, the Public Opinion Newspaper periodically publishes lists of people who are willing to shovel sidewalks for a fee. A copy of this listing will be available at the borough for your review. If you have any questions on this policy, please call 261-3200 for more information.
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