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Chambersburg Request for Street Paving Submission Form

Instructions: Please use this web form to submit a request to the Borough of Chambersburg to consider adding your public street to the list of streets for upcoming paving projects.

This form requires that you submit the exact city block that needs to be paved. In order to do that you must select the name of the street and the address block that needs to be paved. For example, NORLAND AVE and 200 block would mean the city block of Norland Avenue where buildings in the 200 to 299 street addresses exist. This is how towns number city blocks. In addition to the name of the street and the block number, you have the option of providing up to two cross street names to better communicate your request.

  • This form does not allow you to select city blocks that do not exist. This form does not allow you to select streets that are not inside the Borough of Chambersburg.
  • This form does not allow you to select streets that are owned by the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation.
  • This form does not allow you to select streets that are privately owned.
  • This form does not allow you to select city blocks on streets that are over the township border and therefore outside of the Borough.
  • This form does require you contact information so that we are able to contact you and let you know that your request has been prioritized.

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Street Name
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Additional Information

For information about ongoing road projects in the Borough of Chambersburg, contact Brian Fogal, Engineering Supervisor, at

For questions about roadway project planning and financing, contact Phil Wolgemuth, Assistant to the Borough Manager, at

Do Not Use This Webpage To Submit The Following:

Not for potholes, street maintenance, street lines, out of service street lights or traffic signals, missing street signs, flooding or storm sewer issues.

Do not use this webpage to submit these types of service requests. Instead, call the Chambersburg Service Center at (717) 263-4111.

"This form is not for the reporting of street obstructions or hazards nor maintenance items such as potholes. Those items that require immediate attention should be reported to the Borough's 24/7 Service Center at (717) 263-4111. Submitting a street paving request herein does not constitute official notice of hazardous conditions as submissions are meant only as a suggested prioritization of future capital needs. The Borough does not waive any liability associated with the Pennsylvania Tort Claims Act. The Borough of Chambersburg is subject to the Pennsylvania Tort Claims Act. Under that State Law, the Borough of Chambersburg and its employees are subject to governmental immunity. This means that the Borough of Chambersburg is not liable for damage caused by unreported hazardous conditions. By hitting submit, the user of this webpage acknowledges they have read and understand this statement."