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Town Council Agenda

Chambersburg Local Laws

Borough Of Chambersburg
100 South 2nd Street
Chambersburg, PA 17201

Office Hours:
Mon - Fri 8am - 5pm

Phone: (717) 264-5151
Fax: (717) 261-3240
Local Government Transparency

The Borough of Chambersburg is a committed to transparency in Local Government. Transparent governance means that government officials act openly, with citizens’ knowledge of the decisions the officials are making. Availability of information on government policies and actions, a clear sense of organizational responsibility, and an assurance that governments are efficiently administered and free of systemic waste are important components of transparent governance.
Finally, we are committed to providing the public with as much information as possible. We are proud of our efforts, especially in proportion to other Pennsylvania municipalities.

Town Council Actions: Every act of Town Council, deliberation of an issue, award of a contract, adoption of motions/resolutions, financial reports, and creation of local laws is documented and catalogued on our searchable web based Town Council document management system: Board Docs.

Local Laws and Town Council Minutes: Chambersburg maintains an online database of all official local laws and minutes of all meetings (the official record) thorough a searchable database maintained by eCode360.

Reports, Policies, Budgets, Audits and All Other Documents: Chambersburg provides the public with web based access to as many other important and detailed documents of the Borough below as possible including Frequently Asked Questions about the Borough Budget, our Comprehensive Planning Documents, which establish development goals, and Sealed Bids & Proposals for Borough projects. Your time reading these documents will provide you with a complex and comprehensive understanding of the Borough and our finances.

Right to Know Act Compliance: If you have any questions or require any information on any issue or action of the Borough of Chambersburg, pursuant to the Pennsylvania Right to Know (RTK) Act, please feel free to complete and transmit the enclosed form.

Government Official Accessibility: The Borough of Chambersburg is a fully accessible local government. Please click on the Staff Directory page to get phone and 24/7 email access to the key personnel of the Borough. When in doubt, call the Borough's 24/7 Customer Service Center at (717) 263-4111 or the Borough Secretary's Office during business hours at (717) 261-3254 with any questions.

Applications & Permits:
  • BYOB Permit Application and FAQ
  • Curb & Sidewalk Permit & Restoration Process
  • Concrete Sidewalk Maintenance Guide
  • Street Excavation & Restoration Process
  • Electrician Application
  • Master Electricians List
  • Electric Permit Application
  • Electric Step by Step Process
  • Health License LP Gas Guidelines for Vendors
  • Land Fill Agreement
  • Land Use Permit Applications
  • Land Use Permit Step by Step Process
  • Parade or Event Permit Application
  • Parade Permit Ordinance
  • Parking Lot Events Private Property - Permit Application
  • PETE Utility Bank Payment Application
  • Plumbing Application
  • Master Plumbers List
  • Plumbing Step by Step Process
  • High School & Hospital Area Residential Parking Letter
  • Residential Parking Application
  • Retail Food Facility License Information
  • Zoning Hearing Board Notice of Appeal Application

  • Community Development Block Grant (CDBG):
  • Borough CDBG Allocations 2011-2014 English
  • Borough CDBG Allocations 2011-2014 Spanish

  • Electric Department:
  • Utility Request to Release Information
  • Industrial & Commercial Electrical Demand Response
  • Electric Standards - Chapter 135, Borough of Chambersburg Code Of Ordinances
  • Illegal Devices
  • Tree Trimming Map

  • FEMA Flood Insurance Study:
  • Borough Property Owner Public Hearing Notice October 28, 2011
  • Borough Property Owner Letter
  • Franklin County Flood Hazard Mapping Fact Sheet
  • Franklin County Flood Insurance Study Volume 1 of 2
  • Franklin County Flood Insurance Study Volume 2 of 2
  • 2012 FEMA Flood Insurance Rate Map with Aerial Photography ( Large download - 30MB )
  • Answers to Questions About the National Flood Insurance Program
  • Understanding Flood Insurance and the Grandfathering Rule
  • Myths and Facts about the National Flood Insurance Program
  • FEMA Map Search

  • Finance Department:
  • Act 44 of 2009 Disclosures - 2014
  • Investment Policy Statement
  • 2013 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report
  • 2012 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report
  • 2011 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report
  • 2010 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report
  • 2009 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report
  • 2008 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report
  • Residential Utility Service Manual

  • Master Fee Schedule:
  • Master Fee Schedule

  • Organizational:
  • 2014 Annual Report and 2015 Forecast
  • 2013 Annual Report and 2014 Forecast
  • 2012 Annual Report and 2013 Forecast
  • 2011 Annual Report and 2012 Forecast
  • 2010 Annual Report and 2011 Forecast

  • 2015 Budget As Adopted by Town Council 12/08/2014
  • 2015 Proposed Budget As Presented by the Borough Manager 110314
  • 2015 Borough Manager's Proposed Budget Presentation 110314
  • 2015 Budget Frequently Asked Questions 110314
  • 2015 Budget Handout 120814

  • 2014 Budget As Adopted by Town Council 120913
  • 2014 Proposed Budget As Presented by the Borough Manager 110413 Revised 111213
  • 2014 Borough Manager's Proposed Budget Presentation 110413
  • 2014 Budget Frequently Asked Questions 110413
  • 2014 Budget Handout 110413
  • 2014 Budget Handout 111813

  • 2013 Budget As Adopted by Town Council 121012
  • 2013 Proposed Budget As Presented by the Borough Manager 110512
  • 2013 Borough Manager's Proposed Budget Presentation

  • 2012 Borough Manager's Proposed Budget Presentation
  • 2012 Budget As Adopted by Town Council 121911
  • 2012 State of the Borough Address from the Council President

  • 2011 Proposed Budget As Presented by the Borough Manager 110110

  • Comprehensive Plan Executive Summary
  • Elm Street Neighborhood Plan

  • National Citizen Survey Presentation 2012

  • Volunteer Fire Departments Report Executive Summary
  • Volunteer Fire Departments Report - Large Download (66MB)

  • Right to Know
  • Right to Know Law Policy & Request Form
  • Additional Information on Right To Know Law

  • Planning Documents
  • 2012 Summit Health Community Health Needs Assessment
  • Borough Comprehensive Plan
  • Borough Comprehensive Parks, Recreation and Open Space Plan
  • Borough Recreation Facilities, Trails and Greenways Map
  • Borough Official Map Ordinance
  • Borough Official Map Exhibit A
  • Borough Official Map Exhibit B
  • Borough Curb and Sidewalk Policy
  • Franklin County Comprehensive Plan
  • Franklin County Greenway and Open Space Plan
  • Greene Township Conococheague Trailway
  • Wilson College Campus Enhancement Plan

  • Policies and Programs:
  • Intergovernmental Cooperation Agreement
  • Town Council Sidewalks and Curbs Policy
  • Rental Property Inspection Policy (12/2/13)
  • IPMC Policy Lack of Heat Complaint 11-5-12
  • IPMC Policy Rubbish & Garbage Abatement 1-17-13
  • Landfill Use Policy
  • Recycling Program
  • Downtown Ceremonial Ribbon Display Policy
  • Borough Employee Internal Cell Phone Policy 2015

  • Proposed Ordinances:

    Public Works:
  • Specifications for Installation of Cement Concrete Curbs, Sidewalks, Driveway Approaches and Similar Appurtenances
  • Chambersburg Traffic Calming Program
  • 2015 Refuse and Recycling Schedule

  • Sealed Bids & Proposals:
  • SCRAPBID - Iron & Metal at WWTP
  • Advertisement for Disposal, Loading and Hauling Digested Sludge
  • Disposal, Loading and Hauling of Digested Sludge
  • Chemical BID July 1 2015-June 30 2016
  • Pension Custodial & Benefit Payments RFP Conclusion
  • 2015 Weed Removal
  • Demo Queen & 3rd St properties - open 06-04-2015
  • Ad for Demo of Queen & 3rd St properties - open 06-04-2015

  • Sanitary Sewer:
  • Sewer Plant Upgrade Project Presentation Feb 27, 2012

  • Storm Sewer:
  • MS4 Annual Report 8/1/13 to 8/1/14
  • Storm Sewer Utility Feasibility Report 2014
  • Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection Stormwater Management
  • StormwaterPA
  • MS4 Council Presentation 6-11-12
  • Please Keep Grass Clippings Out Of Storm Drains
  • When It Rains, It Drains
  • Chesapeake Bay Pollutant Reduction Plan Council Presentation 7-28-14
  • Chambersburg Chesapeake Bay Pollutant Reduction Plan 7-28-14

  • Shade Tree Information:
  • Shade Tree Brochure
  • 2011 Chambersburg Municipal Street Tree Plan
  • Street Trees Suitable for Planting
  • Chambersburg Street Tree Grant Program

  • Water:
  • Press Release Water Service Line Maintenance Insurance Offers

  • All contents � Copyright 2012 by Borough of Chambersburg. No part may be reproduced in any form without explicit written permission.